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Welcome to the Fresh Start Law Center free expungement assessment. You will be asked to answer 4-10 multiple choice questions, each of which will allow us to tell you at the end which expungement remedy is right for your unique situation.

We do not collect your personal information in any way during the assessment, as your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Lastly there is no obligation to purchase anything, rather we designed this assessment as a free learning tool for all guests that visit our website.

Just press the "start" button below to begin your free, no obligation, completely private expungement assessment.

IMPORTANT: If you have multiple criminal cases on your record that you would like to expunge, then please call us for an assessment so that we can provide you with discounted pricing (800-916-1228). The online assessment is only designed to provide guidance for people that want to clean up a single criminal case.  


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