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Early Termination Of Probation

If you are currently on probation in California but anxious to put the past behind you, we can petition the court under California Penal Code 1203.3 to have your probation terminated early and file a simultaneous petition under California Penal Code 1203.4 to expunge the underlying conviction all at the same time. This process will allow you to eliminate the stiff restrictions that probation imposes on your life, and it will also allow you to seek employment with the full confidence that expungement of your past conviction provides. You will finally be able to answer "NO" truthfully when asked if you have been convicted of a crime, which is critical in a competitive job market wherein over 80% of employers conduct background checks.

Our law firm specializes in getting the court to grant our clients early termination of their probation under Penal Code 1203.3. Since we specialize in PC 1203.3 and 1203.4 we are able to provide expert legal services at affordable fixed prices. We guarantee that our fixed prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today - forget your past and embrace the future.

Unique Tailored Approach:

No two cases are exactly the same, and it is important that the attorney you hire spends the time to understand the unique details of your situation. We specialize in focusing in on the unique facts in your early termination of probation case, allowing us to craft the strongest arguments possible for the court. This unique tailored approach gives us the best chance at getting you a successful outcome in your case, and has allowed us to win over 96% of our cases overall. Why would you settle for anything less?

Trusted Experience:

We have successfully won thousands of crimnal record clearing cases for our clients in the state of California, and we take great pride in providing top notch customer service throughout the process. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and have an established reputation for stellar customer service (Yelp - 5 Stars, TrustPilot - 5 Stars, TrustLink - 5 Stars).

No Hidden Fees, No Games:

Beware of any law firm that has hidden fees on their early termination of probatoin service (example: processing fees, filing fees, hearing fees, etc.). We are one of the only criminal expungement law firms that offers fixed low pricing for our early termination of probation legal service, meaning everything is included in our pricing. There will never be any hidden fees, games or suprises down the road with us. Our single low price covers everything from start to finish, period. NO HIDDEN FEES ever. The thing about hidden fees, is they seem to just keep popping up.  

Criminal Database Updating After Expungement:

All criminal databases used for employment background checks, both private and public, will update automatically within 30 days after the expungement is complete. You should never pay a company, or a law firm, for any service that claims to "expedite" this updating process. Learn the truth, protect yourself here. 

Low Pricing + Fast Service:

No other attorney in the state of California offers a lower price. Other attorneys charge $1,500 - $3,000 for this same service, and we will get it done for you in only 6-12 weeks! You benefit from our focus and expertise in this area of law.

California Early Termination of Probation Service
California Early Termination Of Probation Free Assessment


Expedited Service

We are able to expedite this service in most counties, taking the average processing time from 6-12 weeks down to just 18-30 days for those that need to put their past behind them in a hurry. This expedited service, when available, is only an extra $399. Please call us if interested in this service to find out if the service is available in the county where your conviction took place. 

Early Termination Of Probation + Expungement Summary

There is a misperception out there that you cannot expunge your misdemeanor or felony conviction until you have finished your probation in its entirety. The fact is that if you are currently on probation we can petition the court to terminate your probation early. The court, in its discretion, can order the early termination of probation in a misdemeanor or felony case at anytime under California Penal Code 1203.3. If the early termination is granted by the court, we then can expunge the underlying conviction, often all at the same hearing.

To qualify for our California early termination of probation and expungement service your case must meet the following requirements:

  1. You were charged and convicted in state court, NOT federal court.
  2. You must currently be on probation. It is preferable that you have completed at least half of the probationary term, although not required. A the very least we would recommend that you complete at least one year of misdemeanor probation and at least 18 months of felony probation before seeking an early termination of probation with the court. 
  3. You must have satisfied all the requirements of your sentence (fines, restitution, mandatory programs, community service, classes, etc.). The court will not consider terminating the probation early unless all the affirmative obligations of the sentence have been completed.
  4. You are not currently charged with another criminal offense, on probation for another criminal offense, or serving a sentence for another criminal offense.


The court will use the following criteria when deciding to grant a petition for early termination of probation in California:

  1. How serious the conduct was leading to the conviction? Obviously the more serious the crime was, the less likely the judge is to cut you a break.
  2. What is the extent of your past criminal record? If you have 15 convictions, demonstrating that you are a repeat offender, the judge is going to be much less likely work with you.
  3. Is the probation preventing you from gaining employment or other benefits? We need to demonstrate to the judge that your probation and your underlying conviction are preventing you from being a productive member of society.
  4. What is the prosecutor's position on the matter? It is advisable to reach out to the prosecution prior to the probation modification hearing to see if we can get their endorsement, although their endorsement is not necessary.


We meticulously address all of these concerns in our pre-hearing interviews with you and in the PC 1203.3 petition and supporting documents we file with the court on your behalf.

The average early termination of probation case in California can take 6-12 weeks, and thus it is important to have us start working on your case as soon as possible. Almost always a mandatory hearing is required in front of the judge, wherein evidentiary support must be provided in support of your early termination of probation petition. It is also quite common for the prosecuting attorney to oppose the petition either in writing or in person at the hearing. One of the benefits of hiring a knowledgeable law firm like ours is that we handle everything for you, optimizing your chance of success. We attend the hearing and argue the petition on your behalf in front of the judge, meaning you will not need to personally attend any hearings. We also will prepare a concise and knowledgeable response to any opposition put forth by the prosecuting attorney.

We have a lot of experience in this area and pride ourselves on producing positive outcomes for our clients. So get started today, as getting your probation terminated early and then having the underlying conviction expunged has many tangible benefits for you life, some of which are listed below.


Guaranteed Lowest Criminal Expungement Prices


Benefits of Early Termination of Probation In California

Beyond the peace of mind that terminating probation early can have, it also has real tangible benefits as well:

  1. Allows the underlying conviction to be expunged sooner.
  2. Removes all the rules and restrictions imposed by probation.
  3. Relieves you from the danger of a probation violation. If you are accused of violating any criminal law while on probation, the judge can send you to jail or prison based simply on the probationary offense.


Benefits of Expungement in California (Once Probation Is Terminated)

Once your probation has been terminated early under California Penal Code 1203.3, we can expunge the underlying conviction (felony or misdemeanor), which provides numerous benefits for your life:

  1. In almost all cases private employers cannot ask about convictions that were dismissed under Penal Code 1203.4, nor can a conviction that was dismissed be considered for employment purposes.
  2. Your expunged conviction will not show up on most employer background checks.
  3. You can truthfully, and legally, answer "NO" on private sector job applications when asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime.
  4. You can greatly increase your earning capacity by becoming eligible for more employment opportunities.
  5. You become eligible for more types of professional licenses and certificates
  6. You can become eligible for better student loans.
  7. You can become eligible for better housing assistance.
  8. You can tell friends and family that you have not been convicted of a crime.
  9. You have the satisfaction of forgetting the past for good and moving forward into a more positive future.


California Early Termination Of Probation Free Assessment


Why Hiring An Experienced Attorney Is Critical

Filing a petition with the court under California Penal Code 1203.3 for early termination of probation is a fairly complex legal matter, which is best handled by an experienced attorney. The following are a few examples of what to expect during the 1203.3 petition process. The initial petition must be completed properly with all necessary evidentiary support included and filed with the appropriate court. Each step in the legal process must be performed in the proper manner within the time constraints prescribe by the law (e.g., the prosecuting attorney must be given 15 day notice, etc.). There is almost always a mandatory hearing in front of the judge wherein arguments and evidentiary support must be provided to the court in support of the petition for early termination. Also it is common for the prosecuting attorney to oppose the petition, which requires a knowledgeable written and/or oral response at the hearing. There is definitely a lot that goes into getting a petition for early termination of probation granted by the court, and generally you will only have one shot at it.

We are experts that specialize in early termination of probation and expungement law in California. We do not do anything else, period. We spend every day working on cases like yours, and we know the intricacies of the California laws, and the California courts, and we know the techniques unique to California that provide the optimal chance at success. What makes us unique is that an experienced attorney will handle your case from the second you sign-up until the case reaches a final resolution. We handle everything for you, and we are always here to answer any questions you might have along the way.

We deeply understand how important this is to you and your future, and we will always be there for you every step of the way, applying our expertise and knowledge to the unique details of your case.

Early Termination Of Probation - What We Do For You


Isn't it time you took the steps to forget the past, allowing you to fully embrace the future. Once you sign up, we will start on your case immediately, applying our expertise to the unique details of your situation. We will thoroughly gather all the necessary facts from you and will begin working on your petition(s) right away. We typically get your petition(s) filed with the appropriate court within 72 hours, which means a quicker turnaround time for you. We offer the lowest fixed price for California early termination of probation services anywhere (we guarantee our low prices), and we are experts in this area of law. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider our early termination of probation services and I hope you found the information on our website helpful. I truly look forward to helping you in any way I can.

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