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Being convicted of a misdemeanor in California does not just weigh on you mentally, but may also negatively affect your ability to secure employment in this tough job market, which in turn affects both you and your family's future. Fortunately there is relief available that allows you to forget about the past and embrace your future. We are able to file a petition with the court on your behalf under California Penal Code 1203.4, asking the court to expunge your misdemeanor conviction. This petition, once granted by the court, will set aside your original misdemeanor conviction, allowing you to pursue employment opportunities with confidence, and to answer honestly that you have never been convicted of a crime in almost all situations.

Our law firm specializes in California misdemeanor expungements, which allows us not only to provide expedited specialized legal service, but to provide our misdemeanor expungement service at the absolute lowest fixed price anywhere (we have a low price guarantee). Your case will be handled by an expert attorney from beginning to end, and we are so confident that we can get your misdemeanor expunged we offer a money back guarantee!

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Unique Tailored Approach:

No two cases are exactly the same, and it is important that the attorney you hire spends the time to understand the unique details of your situation. We specialize in focusing in on the unique facts in your misdemeanor expungement case, allowing us to craft the strongest arguments possible for the court. This unique tailored approach gives us the best chance at getting you a successful outcome in your misdemeanor expungement case, and has allowed us to win over 96% of our misdemeanor expungement cases overall. Why would you settle for anything less?

Trusted Experience:

We have successfully won thousands of criminal expungement cases for our clients in the state of California, and we take great pride in providing top notch customer service throughout the process. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and have an established reputation for stellar customer service (Yelp - 5 Stars, TrustPilot - 5 Stars, TrustLink - 5 Stars).

No Hidden Fees, No Games:

Beware of any law firm that has hidden fees on their misdemeanor expungement service (example: processing fees, hearing fees, etc.). We are one of the only criminal expungement law firms that offers fixed low pricing, meaning everything is included in our pricing. There will never be any hidden fees, games or suprises down the road with us. Our single low price covers everything from start to finish, period. NO HIDDEN FEES ever. The thing about hidden fees, is they seem to just keep popping up. 

Criminal Database Updating After Expungement:

All criminal databases used for employment background checks, both private and public, will update automatically within 30 days after your misdemeanor expungement is complete. You should never pay a company, or a law firm, for any service that claims to "expedite" this updating process. Learn the truth, protect yourself here. 

California Misdemeanor Expungment
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Expedited Service

We are able to expedite this service in most counties, taking the average processing time from 6-12 weeks down to just 18-30 days for those that need to put their past behind them in a hurry. This expedited service, when available, is only an extra $399. Please call us if interested in this service to find out if the service is available in the county where your conviction took place. 

Multiple Cases?

If you have multiple criminal cases that you would like to expunge, please contact us for a free consultation. We will assess your situation, discuss your options and provide you with discounted pricing (our pricing goes down with each additional case we handle for you). Please call us toll-free at (800) 916-1228.

California Misdemeanor Expungement Summary

In California the legislature has decided that people deserve a fresh start after a misdemeanor conviction. California Penal Code 1203.4 allows a person with a misdemeanor conviction to petition the court to have them re-open the case, set aside the guilty plea, the Nolo contendere (no contest) plea, or the factual finding of guilt, and to set aside the conviction and dismiss the case. Moving forward you will no longer be considered convicted of the misdemeanor by the state of California, and your criminal record will be permanently changed to display a dismissal rather than a misdemeanor conviction. Subsequently, once the conviction is expunged by the court you can truthfully tell employers, your family, and all other interested parties that you have not previously been convicted of a crime. This gives you enhanced marketability in a tough job market, wherein over 80% of employers conduct backgrounds checks.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor in the state of California your conviction is qualified for Penal Code 1203.4 misdemeanor expungement relief if you satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You were charged and convicted in state court, NOT federal court.
  2. You have successfully completed probation (informal or formal), or if you were not given probation one year must pass since your conviction date. If still on probation check out our early termination of probation service.
  3. You must have satisfied all the requirements of your sentence (fines, restitution, mandatory programs, community service, classes, etc.).
  4. You are not currently charged with another criminal offense, on probation for another criminal offense, or serving a sentence for another criminal offense.


An expert attorney will handle your case from the very beginning until the case is resolved. Our law firm specializes in successfully getting California misdemeanors expunged from your record. The average misdemeanor expungement case takes anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks in the state of California. It is almost never necessary for you to appear in court, as we appear for you and argue your case on your behalf at all mandatory hearings. Because we specialize in misdemeanor expungements, and handle so many of them in California, we are able to offer our services at the lowest fixed prices anywhere online. These fixed prices mean that there are never any hidden or surprise costs for you down the road.  Take a look at the chart below to see exactly what our misdemeanor expungement service includes versus the other non-attorney website out there.


Guaranteed Lowest Criminal Expungement Prices


Benefits Of Misdemeanor Expungement In California

Other then the mental relief one can experience with a misdemeanor expungement there are many tangible benefits that a California misdemeanor expungement offers:

  1. In almost all cases private employers cannot ask about convictions that were dismissed under Penal Code 1203.4, nor can a conviction that was dismissed be considered for employment purposes (check out our $3,000 Non-Discrimination Guarantee).
  2. Your expunged misdemeanor conviction will not show up on most employer background checks.
  3. You can truthfully and legally answer "NO" on private sector job applications when asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime.
  4. You can greatly increase your earning capacity by becoming eligible for more employment opportunities.
  5. You become eligible for many types of professional licenses and certificates
  6. You can become eligible for student loans.
  7. You can become eligible for housing assistance.
  8. You can tell friends and family that you have not been convicted of a crime.
  9. You have the satisfaction of forgetting the past for good and moving forward into a more positive future.


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Why It Is Important To Hire An Experienced Attorney

Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is essential to the success of your misdemeanor expungement case. Misdemeanor expungement law in California can be complicated and it is important that your case is analyzed by an experienced attorney. It is critical that all the appropriate documents get filed with the proper court and that all the necessary steps are followed in a timely manner (e.g., the prosecuting attorney must be given 15 day notice, etc.). Also many times an adversarial hearing is required for a misdemeanor expungement. We attend this hearing for you and argue on your behalf, meaning that you are almost never required to appear in court. Furthermore, the prosecuting attorney will often file opposition papers, which requires a concise response with evidentiary support in favor of the petition. You do not need to worry about any of it, as we handle everything for you.

From the very first day you hire us to handle your misdemeanor expungement case until the day the case has been resolved, we will be there for you every step of the way. Due to the fact that we specialize in California misdemeanor expungements, we are able to offer our services at the absolute lowest fixed prices with the added bonus of a 100% money back guarantee. Please take a look at the list below of what our service includes versus what some non-attorney websites offer.

Misdemeanor Expungement Services Included


The sooner you get started with your misdemeanor expungement, the sooner you can forget the past and embrace your future. Immediately following your sign up we will begin working on your case, applying our expertise to the unique details of your situation. We offer the absolute lowest fixed price for California misdemeanor expungement anywhere (we guarantee our low prices). Thank you for taking the time to consider our California misdemeanor expungment service. We truly look forward to helping you with your misdemeanor expungement needs.

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