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Butte County Criminal Record Expungement

Butte County is located just North of Sacramento and is probably best known for the city of Chico and Chico State University. Like the rest of California, Butte's employment market has gotten tighter and tighter over time. This is particularly true if you have a criminal history, as an overwhelming majority of employers are now doing criminal background checks. The good news is that we can probably help you. Under California law, in most situations, we are able to petition the court on your behalf to have your past convictions expunged from your record. Once this is done you can honestly tell anyone who might inquire that you have no criminal record and that you have never been convicted before. 

There are a lot of law firms out there that claim to do expungements. The fact is that most of them don't specialize in it, and they will end up charging you for the time it takes them to learn the laws and processes of expungement in California. Fresh Start Law Center only does expungement law, period. This narrow focus allows us to provide you with very knowledgeable and specialized legal services at an ultra affordable fixed price. We guarantee that we have the cheapest fixed prices in Butte County. So don't wait any longer, expunge your past criminal record, and move on into a positive future.

Butte Criminal Expungement Services Provided

As California specialist in criminal expungement law, we offer a large array of legal services designed to expunge our clients criminal records in a wide variety of situations. All of our legal services are available at the lowest guaranteed prices to all residents in Butte County.

  1. Butte - Felony Expungement
  2. Butte - Misdemeanor Expungement
  3. Butte - DUI Expungement
  4. Butte - Infraction Expungement
  5. Butte - Early Probation Termination
  6. Butte - Juvenile Record Sealing
  7. Butte - Juvenile Record Set Aside
  8. Butte - Arrest Record Sealing
  9. Butte - Certificate Of Rehabilitation


Butte - Free Expungement Assessment


Butte County Cities Served

Butte Count is the 26th largest county in the state of California, and is made up of a good number of cities and towns throughout the county. We are happy to offer our criminal record clearing services to all resident in Butte County. 

The county of Butte has a good number of cities within its borders, and our criminal record expungement services are available to all residents throughout the county.  Here is a list of the towns and cities that we currently serve: Biggs, Chico (home of CSU Chico), Gridley, Oroville, Paradise, Bangor, Cherokee, Cohasset, Concow, Durham, Forest Ranch, Magalia, Oroville East, Palermo, Richvale, South Oroville, Stirling City, Thermalito, and Yankee Hill.

Butte County Superior Court Information

We are experienced California criminal expungement attorneys and are familiar with the Butte County Superior Court system. We have included a link to the county courthouse website and the addresses of each county courthouse location.

Visit Butte Superior Court Website

Butte County - Chico Courthouse
655 Oleander Avenue, Chico, CA 95926

Butte County - Oroville Courthouse
One Court Street, Oroville, CA 95965-3303

Butte County - Paradise Courthouse
747 Elliott Road, Paradise, CA 95969

Butte County Criminal Expungement Law Firm

At Fresh Start Law Center we understand how devastating a criminal record can be on you and your family. We understand the difficulties a criminal record can pose in employment searches, loan applications, and other aspects of your life. We started our firm to help people like you, who want to move on into a more positive future, expunge their criminal convictions. When you hire us you will be getting ultra specialized legal help at the lowest fixed price - we guarantee that we have the lowest price in all of Butte County. We look forward to helping you put your past behind you for good.

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