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San Francisco, known as the the city by the bay, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in California, if not the world. However, if you are trying to find a job with a criminal record weighing you down the city by the bay may seem a little less kind. This is especially true in the extremely competitive job market that currently exist in San Francisco. With the increase in employers conducting background checks via the internet, it is harder than ever to find employment if you have a criminal record.

Fresh Start Law Center is one of the only law firms that focuses on the practice of California criminal expungement law, and is dedicated to helping you clear your past criminal record. A knowledgeable and experienced expungement attorney will handle your case from the very start all the way through to the finish. Once your record is expunged you will be able to tackle the San Francisco employment scene with your head held high and with a clear conscious. 

San Francisco Criminal Expungement Services Provided

We provide a wide variety of criminal record clearing services for all San Francisco residents, allowing you to expunge juvenile records all the way to serious adult felony records. You can view all of the expungement services we provide below, and you can click on the link that is most appropriate to your situation to learn more about the service.

  1. San Francisco - Felony Expungement
  2. San Francisco - Misdemeanor Expungement
  3. San Francisco - DUI Expungement
  4. San Francisco - Infraction Expungement
  5. San Francisco - Early Probation Termination
  6. San Francisco - Juvenile Record Sealing
  7. San Francisco - Juvenile Record Set Aside
  8. San Francisco - Arrest Record Sealing
  9. San Francisco - Certificate Of Rehabilitation

San Francisco - Free Expungement Assessment

San Francisco County Cities Served

San francisco is the only consolidated city and county in the state of California, meaning San Francisco city is the only city in San Francisco county. The city is the 12th most populated city in the United States and is the 4th most populated city in California. Fresh Start Law Center proudly provides the residents of San Francisco with practical criminal record clearing legal services, which enable our clients to fully forget about the past and move forward into a positive future.

San Francisco Superior Court Information

Fresh Start Law Center serves all of California and is very familiar with the San Francisco Superior Court system. Since the population is condensed into a fairly small area there are only two court houses that handle criminal matters in the city, most of which are handled in the Hall of Justice located just below the South of Market area by Interstate 80.

View San Francisco Superior Court Website

Criminal Division - Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Civic Center Courthouse
400 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

San Francisco Criminal Record Clearing Law Firm

At Fresh Start Law Center we understand how difficult it can be to find employment once you have the stigma of a criminal record, especially in an ultra competitive market like San Francisco. We developed the concept of our law firm with the singular focus of applying our unique expertise in California criminal expungement laws to everyday people, providing our specialized legal services at the lowest fixed prices possible. We hope that you find the information on our site helpful, and we truly look forward to helping you put your past where it belongs - in the past.

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