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Criminal Record Expungement In Sonoma

Sonoma County is the most Northern county in the Bay Area, although many residents of Sonoma county would argue that they are not part of the Bay Area metropolitan area. The largest city is Santa Rosa which is about three times the size of the next biggest city, Petaluma. Sonoma used to have a thriving economy and job market but this has diminished over time, and the county now has an extremely cutthroat employment market. In this employment climate a past criminal conviction can definitely place you at a disadvantage when looking for a job, especially in the face of the fact that most Sonoma private employers perform background checks on applicants today. 

Fresh Start Law Center prides itself as of the only California law firms to focus solely on the practice of criminal expungement laws. This concentration allows us to provide you with ultra specialized legal services at a price you can afford. There is no reason to let your past dictate your future anymore. Sign up and get a fresh start on your life.

Sonoma Criminal Expungement Services Provided

Since we specialize in California expungement law we are able to offer a large number of criminal expungement legal services at affordable fixed prices. We are licensed to practice law in the entire state of California and are very familiar with the Sonoma County Superior Court system. You can view all the criminal expungement services we offer below:

  1. Sonoma - Felony Expungement
  2. Sonoma - Misdemeanor Expungement
  3. Sonoma - DUI Expungement
  4. Sonoma - Infraction Expungement
  5. Sonoma - Early Probation Termination
  6. Sonoma - Juvenile Record Sealing
  7. Sonoma - Juvenile Record Set Aside
  8. Sonoma - Arrest Record Sealing
  9. Sonoma - Certificate Of Rehabilitation

Sonoma - Free Expungement Assessment

Sonoma County Cities Served

The county of Sonoma is located just North of the Bay Area, and is the 16th largest county in the state of California.  The largest city is that of Santa Rosa located off of Highway 101.  We provide criminal expungement legal services to all residents of Sonoma County and pride ourselves helping you get a fresh start in your life.

9 incorporated cities make up the county of Sonoma. Here is a list of the 9 cities in Sonoma that we serve: Cloverdale, Cotati, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Sonoma, and Windsor.

Sonoma County Superior Court Information

We serve clients all over the state of California, and we are quite familiar with the Sonoma Superior Court system. Our expertise will give you the best chance and successfully expunging your past criminal record. Below is a list of the Sonoma court houses and their respective address.

Visit The Sonoma Superior Court Website

Sonoma - Hall of Justice
600 Administration Drive, Santa Rosa CA 95403

Sonoma - Empire College Annex
3035 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 200, Santa Rosa CA 95403

Sonoma - Juvenile Justice Center
7425 Los Guilicos Road, Santa Rosa CA 95409

Sonoma Criminal Expungement Law Firm

Fresh Start Law Center was started with a single focus in mind - to provide top notch specialized criminal expungement legal services to all California residents, including Sonoma residents, and to provide these services at affordable fixed prices (we actually guarantee that our prices are the lowest). We love seeing the smile on a client's face after we get a past conviction expunged from their record, allowing them to approach job interviews and life with confidence and honesty. We truly look forward to helping you with your criminal record clearing case.

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