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Multiple Conviction Discount

Multiple Expungment Discount

Whether you have two convictions or ten convictions we are here to help you, and we can work on getting your entire criminal record cleared up for an affordable price. We offer the deepest discounts of any expungement law firm in California for our clients that have multiple convictions. These discounts are on top of our already super low fixed prices.

Discount Details

At Fresh Start Law Center we try to keep things simple and straightforward. Unlike other law firms that claim to have discounts but require you to call them first so that they can figure out how much you can "afford," we publish our discounts so that you know exactly what you can expect to pay for our services. Please view our straightforward multiple expungement discount policy below:

  1. First expungement is full price.
  2. Second expungement is 10% off listed price.
  3. Third, fourth, fifth, etc. expungement is 15% off listed price.


These deep discounts are applied to our already low fixed prices (we also provide a 105% low price guarantee). Why would you spend more of your hard earned money when you don't have to?

How Does It Work

The application of the discount structure is really simple. You take the highest priced service that you are eligible for and that will be considered your full price expungement service. You then take the second highest priced service that you are eligible for and that will be considered your 10% off expungement service. All other expungement services will be 15% off the listed priced. Discount does not apply to county court filing fees.

Example: You have two felonies and two misdemeanors. Your first felony expungement would be full price. Your second felony expungement would be 10% off list price. The two remaining misdemeanors would be 15% off of listed price!

All other particular service terms and conditions apply to each service that you purchase.

How To Get The Multiple Expungement Discount

Unfortunately our website is only setup to allow a client to pay full price for a single expungment service. Consequently you will need to call us to get your account setup, and a knowledgeable attorney will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you might have.

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You can also drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be as detailed as possible and provide your contact information, including your phone number.

Your California Expungement Law Firm

We deeply pride ourselves on providing specialized top notch expungement legal services to residents all throughout the great state of California. We are one of the few law firms to focus solely on California expungement laws, which allows us to provide our clients with the absolute lowest fixed costs anywhere (we guarantee our prices are the lowest). We truly appreciate you taking the time to consider our services, and we greatly look forward to helping your finally forget the past so that you can fully embrace the future.

David Huffman - California Expungement Attorney

David Huffman, Esq.
Founding Attorney, Fresh Start Law Center


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