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Criminal Expungement Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a no risk 100% money back guarantee on our infraction, misdemeanor and felony expungement services, meaning if we don't get your conviction expunged you don't pay us! Why would you want to pay for legal services that did not produce the results you were looking for?

Details Of Money Back Guarantee

We are one of the only law firms in California to provide this type of money back guarantee on our legal services. We pride ourselves on producing positive results for our clients, and we feel that it is only fair that you should only have to pay us if we are able to complete the job you hired us to do. Here are the details on our 100% money back guarantee:

  1. Guarantee only applies to our infraction, misdemeanor and felony expungement services.
  2. Court cost and filing fees are not included in the guarantee (usually $60-$120 for each expungement petition that is filed).
  3. Only a 50% money back guarantee, less filing fees, is applicable on cases that involve a probation violation. However if the client fails to inform Fresh Start Law Center about the probation prior to the petition being filed, and the petition is subsequently denied then the guarantee does not apply.
  4. If you do something after the expungement petition is filed that renders the petition ineligble for relief then the guarantee is not applicable, i.e., you get arrested and charged with another crime while your expungement petition is pending with the court.
  5. If a felony is reduced to misdemeanor, but not expunged, we will refund only 25% of attorney fee, less filing fees.
  6. We have 6 months after an expungement has been denied by the court to choose to refile the case at our cost.
  7. It will be considered a client default and a refund will not be granted if the expungement is unsuccessful on account of client's failure to disclose relevant information, such as outstanding fines, incomplete court requirements, or probation violations.

It is also important to note that we are in no way guaranteeing that a postive outcome will be achieved in each and every case, rather we are guaranteeing that we will refund your money under the conditions set forth above. We cannot guarantee an outcome of a case as each situation is unique.

Experienced California Expungement Law Firm

We have helped people all over California to finally forget the past so that they can move forward and embrace the future. We pride ourselves on providing not only top notch record clearing legal services but also on providing impeccable customer service to our clients. We hope that you have found the information on our sit helpful, and we are excited to assist you with your expungement needs.

David Huffman - Criminal Expungement Lawyer

David Huffman, Esq.
Founding Attorney, Fresh Start Law Center

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