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California Criminal Expungement Articles

Below you will find an array of articles that discuss different aspects of the expungement laws in California.

What is the difference between a "wet" reckless and DUI?

"Wet" reckless has become extremely commonplace in many alcohol related driving cases these days. In this article we explain the difference between a "wet" reckless charge and a DUI charge.

What is the difference between record sealing and expungement?

This is one of the most comon questions we get from our clients, and here is a quick article detailing the difference between these two types of post conviction relief.

Can I Expunge My Shoplifting / Petty Theft Case?

Shoplifting and petty theft crimes are the most common type of crimes in the world. Luckily, in California we are able to expunge a petty theft conviction, allowing you to move on with your life.

How to restore your gun rights after a felony conviction?

A felony conviction can have a huge impact on your life and your rights as a citizen. One of those rights that are taken away from you is the right to own a gun. In this article we detail what you can do to restore your 2nd Amendment rights. 

What is the different between record expungement and dismissal?

The legal terms used to describe criminal record expungement can get confusing. This article explainshow dismissal and expungement are the same thing. 

What will show on your background check after expungement?

There is always a lot of confusion about what will, and will not, show on a criminal background check after expungement. This article clears up any confusion and tells you exactly what to expect after an expungement has been done. 

How Do You Obtain Your Official California Criminal Record (Rap Sheet)?

There are a lot of private databases out there that charge you for incomplete information and half truths. The only way to obtain your official California criminal record is from the California Department of Justice. Find out how.

What is felony reduction under PC 17(b)?

In the state of California felony "wobbler" offenses can be reduced to a misdemeanor under particular circumstances. This process can restore many of the rights that are taken away with a felony conviction. In this article we explain exactly what a PC 17(b) felony reduction is and the eligibility requirements.

What is diversion and will it show on my crminal record?

As the court systems become more and more backed up, and our jails continue to overflow with inmates, diversion has become a very popular alternative to traditional sentencing practices. In this article we explain what diversion is and how it effects your permanent criminal record.

What is a crime of moral turpitude in California?

The legal term "crime of moral turpitude" is used in many laws, yet there is no standard definition for what the term actually means. This legal term is especially important in WIC 781 juvenile record sealing cases, as a conviction of a crime of moral turpitude as an adult will preclude you from sealing your juvenile record. In this article we explain what a crime of moral turpitude is.

What are a list of the WIC 707(b) serious juvenile offenses that can't sealed?

There are particular juvenile crimes listed in WIC 707(b) that cannot we sealed under WIC 781. These are all considered serious juvenile crimes. We provide a list of all crimes listed in WIC 707(b) for your reference.

What is a felony "wobbler" in California?

Did you know that many felony convictions can be reduced to a misdemeanor under PC 17(b) before we expunge them? These type of felonies are known as "wobblers."

Why hiring an expungement lawyer is essential

We often hear of the horror stories of people that attempted to expunge a conviction on their own, and/or signed up with a budget non-attorney website. In this article we provide details on why exactly an expungement attorney is important for your expungement process, and the pitfalls of choosing not to hire an attorney.

Learn about the California criminal expungement process

This article provides a complete overview of the expungement process in California, including the step by step process, eligibility requirements, benefits, and misperceptions about expungement in California.

When must you disclose an expunged conviction in California?

For most people the reason they decide to expunge a conviction is so that (a) their criminal record will be clean, and (b) so that they can honestly state they have not been convicted of a crime. Thus, a very common question revolves around exactly when you must disclose an expunged conviction. This article details when you do and do not have to disclose an expunged conviction.


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