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Fresh Start Law Center is delighted to announce that our entire lineup of criminal record expungement services are now available all through San Jose, California. With so many San Jose employers performing background checks today there is unquestionably no reason to let your criminal past to hold you back any longer. Thankfully California laws enable us to petition the San Jose Superior Court for you to have your past convictions expunged, making it possible for you to legitimately state that you have never been convicted of a criminal offense. Having your criminal record cleaned will inevitably make you much more marketable in the San Jose job market. Contrary to other law offices, we only tackle California criminal record expungement laws, permitting us to provide you with professional and skilled expungement services at rock bottom fixed prices. Check out our totally free criminal expungement eligibility test below. Simply answer a couple multiple choice questions and it will tell you which San Jose record clearing legal service matches your needs.

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Fresh Start Law Center has made it possible for many men and women in San Jose to get a fresh start on their life. We started Fresh Start Law Center with a simple objective in mind - to offer top notch criminal expungement legal services to San Jose residents at the absolute cheapest fixed prices available anywhere. We guarantee that an attorney, who is a criminal record clearing specialist, will work on your case from start to finish, and he will diligently strive to obtain a positive result for you and your family. We really feel honored that you have taken the effort to view our website, and we would be absolutely grateful to help you with your criminal expungement case.

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David Huffman, Esq.
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